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Jesus Is Transforming Gary Wilkerson 4.19.15
Gary Wilkerson 4.12.15

In John 7, we see that Jesus tells those who are thirsty to come to him. He in essence was saying that if you need refreshing and are tired of the old things in your life, he is the answer. We will not only receive refreshing but will have the refreshing waters overflow in our lives. There can be hindrances of unbelief, grumbling and fear to refreshing in our lives. But Jesus intends the rivers to flow in to and out of our heart in abundance—rivers of faith instead of unbelief, praise instead of grumbling and boldness instead of fear.

Carter Conlon 4.12.15

God wants to give His people a calm assurance to be able to speak to those who lost their way. We have to be able to explain to hurting people that suffering through darkness and sorrow does not mean that we have lost the battle. Let’s ask God to help us speak words of confidence and comfort to those who are downcast and discouraged.

Gary Wilkerson 4.5.15

Jesus invites us into resurrection life. Don't be like John who looked but did not enter in. Don't be like Mary who felt like an outsider looking in. Don't be like Thomas who allowed doubt to keep him out. Jesus invites us to be all in!

William Carrol 4.5.15

This is a message for those of you who are crushed with disappointment to the point that your hope died. Jesus wants to tenderly get you back to simply loving Him just for Him and He want you to understand He loves you just for you. Today is a good day to fall in love with Jesus all over again.

Gary Wilkerson 3.30.15

Pastor Gary Wilkerson concludes our Freeway sermon series with a call to all who have found freedom to begin bringing freedom to others. When you are truly free, your heart and life will be full of God's praises. We see in Scripture that when people began to praise, chains fell off and prison doors swung open. You'll become a life saver, rescuing those in need. And your story is no longer about you, but about bringing other people to Christ. None of this is possible of course, unless you are first filled with the spirit of Jesus.

Carter Conlon 3.15.15

We are the temple of God in which He is developing a song. This song doesn’t come from what we can do for Him, but what He has done and continues to do in and through us. Everyone will shout and proclaim that only God could do this.

Carter Conlon 3.8.15

Is there a battle raging in your mind? In Christ we have the ability to recognize and embrace truth. God promises the power and weaponry to pull down every though that attempts to take us captive,so we can live a victorious life.

Gary Wilkerson 3.8.15

As we continue our Freeway sermon series, Pastor Gary Wilkerson shares about the importance of forgiveness in our road to freedom. In Luke 7, Jesus is interacting with two people, one who knows she is a sinner and the other who is self righteous. Jesus then shares a story contrasting two people who owed a debt of varying amounts. The one who was forgiven the most is the one who shows the most love. Unforgiveness hinders our relationship with others. Jesus said it is your faith that saves you.

Gary Wilkerson 2.15.15

Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues our Freeway series talking about awareness. When the Bible says to examine ourselves we tend to focus on the negative, but it also means seeing if something is acceptable by looking for the good. Yes, there is a time to look for weights that slow us down or things that hinder the fullness of God in our life, but we are not to grovel in our sin and failure, but rest in the finished work of Christ.


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