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Gary Wilkerson 11.22.15

Every Christian life should have a must. It’s a calling and a purpose that goes beyond the everyday have-to’s and the personal ambition of want-to’s. It’s more than a ministry or an occupation—it’s your entire life. Your must will require you to move—activated by faith, not stuck in fear. As you step out and trust God to fulfill your must, you will experience more—heaven in you impacting this earth for Jesus. There is a world around us church, desperately crying out for more.

Gary Wilkerson 11.15.15

We are living in a generation in which the Bible is attacked by culture and society. The Word of God is diminished, and its goodness and relevance are doubted—even amongst a growing number of Christians. Pastor Gary Wilkerson exhorts the church to not only read their Bible, but to study it, know it, and stand upon its truth and authority.

Michael Petillo 11.8.15

Many of us, if we are honest, would admit that we don’t really have rest in our hearts and minds. The pressures of life keep us stressed and on edge. We wonder if we are doing enough or good enough. While some are facing legitimate tests and hardships. Scripture promises rest for God’s people, but we just aren’t experiencing it. Are we the ones the Bible warns won’t enter into God’s rest? Pastor Michael Petillo looks at the keys to entering into the rest that is promised through imperishable seed of Christ living inside every believer.

Carter Conlon 11.8.15

A prudent person takes an honest inventory of their heart. When we realize that our own efforts can only get us so far, we must forsake the limitations of our own strength and strategies, and come under the covering and power that Jesus has to supply for us.

Gary Wilkerson 10.31.15

Pastor Gary Wilkerson concludes our study of the Gospel of John by looking at the resurrection of Jesus. Most of us know why Jesus died, but why was he raised from the dead? What did it accomplish? When we understand the purpose of Christ's resurrection, we will walk in power over fear and unbelief, and live with a passion that draws ourselves and others to his presence.

Carter Conlon 10.31.15

God wants to bring us out of the ordinary into the extraordinary power and plan of God. What’s keeping you in blindness? The devil cannot hold a child of God captive. If you are willing to be sent, God will open your eyes and the touch of His power will be yours. Today, come to Jesus and let Him open your eyes.

Gary Wilkerson 10.18.15

The Bible warns us that we will face tough times, but it also promises that we will have power to say, "Peace be still!" when storms come. Pastor Gary Wilkerson looks at the life of Elijah to show us how we can walk in this divine authority that God promises. As the days grow darker, it will become increasingly important that we have powerful words directly from God, rather than living off the echoes of words He has spoken to others.

Claude Houde 10.12.15

We all have a call of God on our life that can only be fulfilled by us. Do you know your calling and are you fulfilling it? Like Gideon, we can often doubt ourselves or be blinded by our circumstances. Allow God to change your perspective. Activate your calling. And watch God change your storm into a story for his glory!

Carter Conlon 10.11.15

As sons and daughters of God we must cross a bridge into something bigger and deeper of God. As we pass through the valley of the shadow of death, we will die to our own life and live for the purposes of God. Today, let us ask God to help us to die to ourselves and live for others. Jesus will give you divine strength to live in the midst of a fallen society.

Gary Wilkerson 9.13.15

It is said that all of humankind has deep desires for significance, security and self-worth. As Christians, we know the world will only leave us feeling empty; and most of us would be quick to say that only Jesus can truly fulfill those desires. What if what we consider longings, God would actually call lusts? Jesus, our example, never asked God to fill his cup with significance, security or self-worth. He drank the cup the Father gave him—the cup of suffering and sacrifice.


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