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Don't Draw Back Carter Conlon 11.16.14
Michael Petillo 11.9.14

It is easy to get concerned about the future, especially if you are in the middle of hard or uncertain times. We look forward for a sign that the future will be okay, but we should be looking back to Christ's completed covenant. Your assurance for the future comes when you look back to God's past faithfulness.

Expect Jacksonville – God Will Bring You Back Gary Wilkerson 11.6.14
Expect Jacksonville – The Way Up is Down Carter Conlon 11.6.14
Expect Jacksonville – Slaves No More Gary Wilkerson 11.6.14
Expect Jacksonville – The Shout of a King Carter Conlon 11.6.14
Carter Conlon 11.1.14

The world and all the powers of darkness continually rage against the testimony of Jesus Christ. If we are praying for an awakening be prepared to face opposition. As Christians, we are to take courage and refuse to bow down to the powers of darkness. Be fearless in the face of opposition, don’t stop praying and prepare to take a journey that will bring glory to God.

Gary Wilkerson 11.1.14

Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues our sermon series in the Gospel of John, looking at the life of Nicodemus. We can sometimes put on the outer appearance of everything being okay. The busyness and clamor of the day can even keep us distracted, but in the quiet of night our deep hurts and confusion come to the surface. Only Jesus can heal these deep wounds. Come to him!

Gary Wilkerson 10.26.14

In this fourth installment of our sermon series from the Gospel of John, Pastor Gary Wilkerson looks at the passages about Jesus cleansing the temple. Christ is consumed with zeal for his house. God doesn't want his house to be a place of consumerism—focused all on ourselves. He wants to remove things that clutter and distract us from walking in holiness. As he empties us, he wants to fill us with more zeal for him and his kingdom purposes.

William Carrol 10.26.14

This message is for those who know God has set you free, but because of difficult circumstances you don’t feel free. Biblical freedom is not based on traditions of men or feelings, but it’s based upon what Jesus did on Calvary and the truth of His Word. As God’s people we are immersed in the Holy Spirit and free from the dominion of sin and the sting of death. We are eternally free because of Jesus Christ.


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