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Gary Wilkerson 6.7.15

In Christ we are holy and blessed people, but that may not always be our experience. Sometimes we can feel defeated or slip into compromise. The reality is that we have an enemy who attacks us, wants to curse us and attempts to rob God’s blessing from us. We must be aware and alert, but not afraid. God has given us everything we need—the Holy Spirit, prayer, the Bible, wise counsel, etc. Jesus, our advocate, faced the same enemy and overcame. Let’s allow Christ to drive a spear through the curse and compromise in our life.

Carter Conlon 5.24.15

As the church of Jesus Christ it is important that we stand for the truth. We are not to be entangled with the world or live in mixture. We are called to reach out and help the powerless. It’s an amazing journey when we choose to trust God for the strength to do it.

Carter Conlon 5.10.15

If the poison of unbelief is in your heart the devil has the ability to take your God given mission from you. At the Cross, Jesus crushed the power of Satan. It’s time for God’s people to rise up and recognize our feet are on the devil’s head because Jesus took the devil captive and got the victory. It’s time to stand up and declare we are more than conquerors in Christ.

Gary Wilkerson 5.3.15

Pastor Gary continues our "Jesus Is" series discussing Jesus' desire to guide us through life. Life decisions and plans can be overwhelming. Without the right guide we can end up at the wrong destination. Our Chief Shepard, Jesus, is always at hand desiring to guide us to His desired destination. Instead of going to "hirelings" we can come directly to Him. Daily gleaning from Him all the help and wisdom we need.

Carter Conlon 5.3.15

We are living in a season of social and political confusion. This is all happening because we have redefined Jesus. When we redefine Christ we open an alternate door for people to receive an alternate Christ while holding on to their lusts. Our prayers will remain ineffective until we realize the promise of life in us is for others first and us second. We are blessed by God to be a blessing to the world.

Michael Petillo 4.26.15

Pastor Michael Petillo continues our "Jesus Is" sermon series talking about the process God takes us through when his healing power is at work in our life. When we pray, things sometimes appear to get worse. Is God mocking us? No, he's waiting for all dependence on human strength to run out, so that we are left with only a word from him. Will we trust him and walk in obedience—leading to a greater revelation of Jesus? Or will we stagnate in anger and bitterness over the process? When we simply trust him and obey, Christ fulfills his healing work, and God alone receives the glory.

Carter Conlon 4.26.15

There are some things that God Himself has to work in us through a personal experience. In the wilderness God refines our character. We learn to depend on God’s strength, and a deep trust is being produced to stand still and stay quiet, because we understand God is fighting for us. You will come out of the wilderness leaning on Jesus and empowered by the Spirit.

Gary Wilkerson 4.19.15

Pastor Gary Wilkerson continues our "Jesus Is" sermon series talking about the transforming power of Jesus. Through the story of the woman caught in adultery we see how Jesus transforms an audience, the accused and their accusers. He turns sideline spectators into fully engaged Kingdom activists. Through his forgiveness, the accused become the accepted. And the accusers are absent when the authority of Christ is present. Church, let's put down accusing stones and pick up atoning grace.

Carter Conlon 4.19.15

When we come to Jesus Christ it doesn’t mean we are exempt from suffering. Jesus shows us many examples where suffering can be part of the gospel. In Christ we are guaranteed the victory because He crossed that line into eternity. As long as we are in the world, we must not forget we still have to fight for the honor and testimony of Jesus Christ.

Gary Wilkerson 4.12.15

In John 7, we see that Jesus tells those who are thirsty to come to him. He in essence was saying that if you need refreshing and are tired of the old things in your life, he is the answer. We will not only receive refreshing but will have the refreshing waters overflow in our lives. There can be hindrances of unbelief, grumbling and fear to refreshing in our lives. But Jesus intends the rivers to flow in to and out of our heart in abundance—rivers of faith instead of unbelief, praise instead of grumbling and boldness instead of fear.


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